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Welcome to wedding beats, launched in 2017. We pride our selves on being a trusted friend to take on this journey with you making while it fun and memorable from the start.

We will support you and advise you. We are never short of suggestions or inspiring ideas. Our matchless, which makes finding beautiful wedding venue easier and one less thing for you to worry about.With our inspiring blog, suggestions and sensational offers, no one understands weddings better than we do.

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The idea or shall I saw inspiration came when I was trying for ends to meet during the preparation for my wedding. I found that it was very hard to consider a service provider since there was not enough reviews of their service when choosing them. I was afraid of paying high prices and getting awful service. Well it did turn of as I feared.

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How It Works

The site is very simple. Nothing is too complicated bout it. You go through the galleries to get inspiration and ideas for your big day. You can pin them into your own dashboard so that you can have your own collection of wishlist. We have taken search function to a whole new level. Our vendor system is integrated into google maps. So you can find any service providers near you.

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We are constantly adding more vendors into our database. We are growing rapidly. Rest assured, we will only list the best for you.

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Go through the list of vendors we have. Once you have a interest, use our system to request proposal or quotation from them.

Hire the Right Vender

Once you make a decision, you can hire the right service for your big day. You can use our tools to keep track on your to do list and plan your budget.


The idea and how it all came to live. We contantly trying to bring in more ideas and functions that will help out bride to be to get the best for their wedding. Do drop your suggestion on what you need on this site and also any improvement if there is any. We welcome feedback from you.

  • 2015

    The Idea

    The idea of putting a site like Wedding Beats came to mind when finding for services and resources during my wedding. I notice the lack of user generated information on services.

  • 2016

    The Beats Begins

    It remains as a idea but I manage to get my idea into work with some help from a few good souls. Build my own framework on the future of Wedding Beats and what I want to achieve with it.

  • 2017

    The Launch

    The official launch of Wedding Beat after a few trial and beta version. The site is growing rapidly with many vendor sign up and newly weds sharing their wonderful wedding journey.

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We are never short of suggestions or inspiring ideas.We will support you and advise you.

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Every wedding is unique and has a special story. Read all those shared details and special moments.

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We are approaching more suppliers to list their services and to maintain a online reputation.